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April 14, 2019


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All About Selecting a Research Lab.

One of the things you need in research is a laboratory to help you with various studies and experiments. Even so, choosing the right lab will be very helpful in getting the outcome you are looking for. In matters to do with changing your lab halfway through the research, it won’t just waste your time but you may find the ordeal to be time-consuming.

Let the goal you have in this process be your guide when you are making a decision. It is easy to be smitten with a cool lab that has the latest equipment but unless these technologies can help you in the area you are studying it will be all for nothing. Therefore, only create a short list that only has labs that specialize in what you are studying. You will not have a difficult time when everything you need for the study is available at the lab.

Consider the colleagues you will have at the lab as well before making a decision. When it comes to learning and working in the lab, you need all the help you need from your colleagues. When you do not like the people at the lab you also won’t like spending time there which will affect your studies and this is not what you want.

Your assigned mentor at the research lab should also guide you in making a decision. You need someone who has achieved success in his or her work as a scientist. They should also be experienced in mentoring graduate students and be ready to commit the resources and time needed in helping you. Note that the relationship you will have with the thesis mentor is likely to be intense which is why you should not take it for granted. These professionals can write you a letter of recommendation in the future and you may also go to them for career advice. For this reason, go for someone who you can relate to well.

Let the success of the lab guide you in this decision making the process as well. The success of a lab can be measured based on the frequency at which they win research grants not forgetting the good journals they will be publishing. Check whether the previous students completed their projects on time as well.

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