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April 14, 2019


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Garden Makeover on a Budget

Your garden would be a great place to use for the summer days. You can invite your friends, have a barbecue with your family, and more activities. A garden makeover is essential if your garden is not ready for these activities especially after the cold winter spell.

Here are some affordable ideas for a garden makeover.

One of the ways to transform even the smallest of balconies is to add boxes in them. You can beautify your garden by adding plants or stacked boxes to them. You can find affordable low-maintenance flowers that will easily grow under the summer sun. Colorful flowers and grass add beauty to your garden which will always be in fashion.

There are many things in our garden that are eyesores and it will do your garden well if people don’t see them. Remove your garden hose, you AC units, garbage cans and whatever else there is that is not good to the sight. One way to cover up these unsightly things is to use or build planters that have hidden spaces underneath. Plant many colorful flowers on top. Under your planter the things that are ugly are hidden.

Green grass on hour garden is something that is good for the eyes. Don’t make it happen that your grass is sun-damaged, dehydrated or patchy. You can plant little lawn seeds and fertilizer to help the grass grow healthy. Some additions that you can put area garden path or slate chippings that will make your lawn look good.

You can also put solar-powered lights in your garden which will be ideal to keep your party well-lighted. You can transform your garden with the warm glow. Solar-powered lights can be put anywhere since you don’t have to put it near a power source.

You can also create murals on your spare walls. You can be the one to put a painting on your wall if you are gifted with artistic talents. If you want to enhance the wall but you don’t have any artistic talent, then simply paint it with a single bright color and it will be great.

If you want to enjoy your garden with your friends this summer, then a garden makeover will be a perfect idea. You can make a great garden makeover even on a budget. You can have a beautiful garden this summer with the makeover ideas given above.

The suggestions above are just a few of them. There are more projects that you can do in our garden on a budget. Here in this website you can learn more about other garden projects that you can do.