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Get to Know Michael Asimos

Mike Asimos (he likewise goes by Michael) is a renowned Wine Importer, Exporter, and Wholesaler who lives out of Portland, Oregon. He began his journey into this world as a wine lover, leaving no specific blend behind, and chose to follow his interests any place they would take him. Mainly, he’s doing business in Portland, Oregon however he’s also knowledgeable with numerous West Coast wine countries.

He has somehow worked with wine since the day he understood and appreciated the taste of wine. At first, he wanted to be a sommelier or perhaps a Master Sommelier however, he had this broader idea and eventually chose to be a wine importer and exporter. Definitely, Mike Asimos is highly skilled in the wine business and has a great taste for wine.

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Read Client Reviews
You must remember to read client reviews before you pick a particular wine importer or exporter website. A service provider that has numerous customer reviews is a good one to pick. This will tell us that they provide expert as well as excellent services. It is a must for you to ask around your neighborhood, co-workers or also read a few reviews online regarding the best wine importer or exporter website.

Ask for the Price
Inquire for the wine prices. The likelihood is that, before you choose your wine wholesaler, it’s necessary that you are knowledgeable about their given prices. This is a must to do because they surely have different prices. So, it’s really necessary that you ask for their price list first. And then, you narrow down your list of wine wholesalers who provide better and also lower prices as well as expenses.

Micheal Asimos has a passion for wine and turned that passion into a business in which he became successful. Check out this article to get interesting facts about Michael Asimos.

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